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Siargao Philippines - An Outlying Seventh Heaven For Surfers

Siargao Philippines is the unspoiled teardrop shaped island in the Philippine Sea located at the province of Surigao Del Norte.

Holding the title of being "The surfing capital of the Philippines" this island is located 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. This surfing haven has a land area of approximately 437 square kilometers; its east coast is relatively straight with one deep inlet or bay, the Port Pilar. The island's coastline is marked by a succession of reefs, small points, and white sandy beaches. It also contains the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao at Del Carmen Long stretches of wetlands indicating potential for commercial seaweed propagation.

A tropical jewel, that is what the Island of Siargao is, hosting one of the most beautiful beaches across the globe and home of wave surfing which is the latest sport and tourist attraction taking the Philippines by storm. Here is a list of what this Siargao island paradise composed of:

* Burgos - a sixth class municipality subdivided in six barangays

* Dapa - a fifth class municipality with 29 barangays and an approximate population of 20,000 people.

* Del Carmen - is a fifth class municipality with 20 barangays

* General Luna - a fifth class municipality subdivided in 19 barangays, serves as the key town of the island.

* San Benito - a fifth class municipality with only six barangays

* Pilar - a town under the fifth class with 15 barangays

* San Isidro - a fifth class municipality politically subdivided in 12 barangays

* Santa Monica - a fifth class municipality with 11 barangays

* San Benito - located within the island of Siargao with six barangays, and a fifth class municipality.

Offshore Siargao is a classic tropical island protected within the surrounding coral reef with dozens of coconut palms dressed in the center circle of the island. The Island's Pacific-facing reefs are situated on the edge of the Philippine Trench, and the enormously deep offshore waters assure the ocean swells have undiluted power when it reach the beach.

General Luna Cloud Nine, Siargao Island in the Philippines

Siargao Philippines has excellent surfing conditions, most especially during the southwest monsoon from August to November when the current wind is offshore. The island is now one of the world's great frontiers for surf exploration and its most popular break is "Cloud Nine".

This powerful wave-off has been hailed as one of the world's five toughest breaks and often compared with the famous surf of Hawaii and Australia, making Siargao Philippines one of the world's most admired surfing spot.

Siargao Philippines faces the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Deep, the second deepest water across the globe at more than 11km below sea level. This island is an absolute tropical paradise where you can experience one of a kind island adventure, from snorkeling, island hopping, waterfalls, swimming holes and of course awesome waves. The island is also the site of annual Siargao Cup, a local and international surfing competition sponsored by the provincial government of Surigao del Norte.

Cloud Nine on Siargao Island, the Philippines

Going to Siargao may take several hours from Manila, but after you reach this precious gem of Mindanao everything is worthwhile. Your journey towards the best surfing location in the country is best described as follows:

1. From the airport of Manila, it will take you an hour and a half to reach Butuan City and two hours bus ride to Surigao City, the key city to the island of Siargao.

2. When you are already in the city, it will take a 15-minute jeepney ride to the wharf that will take two-hour ferry ride to Dapa, Siargao's main port town.

3. Another 45-minute jeepney ride is what it takes for you to reach the town of General Luna where the well known Cloud 9 is found.

4. Other places to go when in Siargao are Guyam, Daku and Naked Island that surely provide an exciting experience waiting there for you.

5. Aside from white sand beaches, the island also offers a variety of lagoons, caves and falls, such as the Tak Tak fall and the huge cave in the forest at Consuelo.

Siargao Philippines, despite of what others say that it will take you long to reach the island, still resounds its name across the globe with its incomparable waves and natural beauty stretched in every corner.


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