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The Sunday Market In The Lung Center

by Nathalie Santos - Dayo

I was asked by Jenn, a friend of mine to go to the Lung Center with her twice, and I thought "Oh yes I have asthma, but really I don't need to go to the Lung Center just yet." Until she told me that we are not going to the hospital, but visit the weekend market.

When I heard about the market, the first thought that went inside my head was, "A market within the hospital premises? That's not right. Did I hear her right?"

I did hear her correctly! So last Sunday, June 14, I asked her to accompany me to the Lung Center so I can check the place out for myself. I woke up 7:30AM and got ready, we were to meet at 10AM. Going there was not really a problem even though I live in the province of Rizal.

How to get there?

From Cubao, I went down along P. Tuazon Avenue, rode a jeep going to Philcoa (the sign board on the front should say Fairview), got down in Philcoa, crossed the footbridge, then got another jeepney ride to the Lung Center (the sign board on the front says Delta). I got down in front of the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, crossed the street and walked going to the market.

The stand of fresh vegetables

The first place that we went to was the Cooked Food Area, since I haven't eaten anything at home, I decided to have brunch there instead. There were rows and rows of stalls selling home cooked Filipino dishes.

I chose Calderetang Baka (Spicy Beef Stew), a cup of rice and bottle of soda, I only paid Php100 for the whole meal and it was delicious. After brunch, my adventure began.

The first thing that caught my eye was this stall selling different types of vegetable. The colors looked appetizing, that even after my brunch, I was thinking of making a salad from the vegetables being sold.

A stall selling freshly grilled Tuna Belly

The next stall that our feet took us to is this one selling grilled tuna belly. It really smelled so good that I heard my stomach rumbling. The man selling the tuna got a little conscious when we started directing the camera towards him. From the way it looked, I could definitely say that the tuna was really cooking well, tender and juicy.

From the Green Thumbery

Another area of the market is what I fondly call the “green thumbery.” Okay there’s no such word, but this place was teeming with people with green thumbs and plants which looked very healthy.

This stall that I took this photo from sells almost all types of plants. I found different colored hibiscus, roses, ferns and these lovely orchids.
I wish I bought something, but since I had other plans for the day, I decided not to.

Just a reminder, be careful when you walk in this area, it can be quite slippery.




The stalls of the Market

This shot was taken when I was walking the twists and turns of the market. It’s located at the center where you can find food, fruits, vegetables, items of clothing, etc to your heart’s content.

First and Last Thing to See

We checked the time, it’s almost 12nn, the clouds are gathering and we were going to another outdoor place. We walked towards the exit and here was something that caught my eye, a string of stalls which were selling native products. Above is a picture of a stall selling baskets, native rattan bags, picnic sets and native food.

Things that I bought:

A pair of shorts for Php35.00
Some intimate apparel for Php50.00 each
Strawberry popsicle for Php35.00

And the next time I go back there, I am going to buy a tie-dyed night shirt for Php100.00.

I really loved the market! It was clean and organized. There were specific places for the stalls which made it easier for the shoppers to look for the things that they need. I’m going back there again, but I have to be there early because the market closes at noon and some stalls pack their wares earlier than that. A market that I thought at first was not located at the right place, has now become a destination for me and for those who want to buy stuff at an affordable price.


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