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The rise of Tagalog movies

Tagalog movies or Filipino movies in the Philippines can now be considered as award-winning masterpieces and are well acknowledged locally and internationally for its outstanding overall production and best performances by the chosen Filipino actors.

In any certain award giving bodies throughout the globe today, Tagalog movies are always taking its place for a nomination in a particular category which made the Filipinos to be proud of.

Yes, the Philippine cinema is now rising and becoming even more popular locally and across the globe after that outdated and same plain plotlines impression as what others commented. Now that the spotlight is in the Philippine movie industry, there’s no reason to take it for granted but grab the opportunity by making Filipino movies that are blockbusters and will catch incredible attention and praise. Mass appealing Tagalog movies are also taking its place on the silver screen while raking millions for being blockbuster hits.

Philippine Indie Films

A Tagalog movie can now be made easier, independently made and even more accessible without the need of famous actors, a production team and big budget for production just as long as you have a camera to do the film. From the root word “independent”, indie films in the Philippine movie industry are now highly in demand and are more acknowledged internationally.

Although it’s sad that indie films are mainly ignored by the moviegoers and unfortunately not blockbusters, indie films in these days are gaining more success and achievement and are internationally acclaimed from certain prestigious award giving bodies and Cannes Festival is at the top of the list.

The following indie films have won and nominated in numerous local and international awards to name a few:

• Serbis by Brilliante Mendoza
• Now Showing by Raya Martin
• Foster Child by Brilliante “Dante” Mendoza and Ralston Jover
• Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros by Auraeus Solito
• Torotot by Mario J. De los Reyes and Jun Lana
• Ambulancia by Richard Legaspi
• Jay by Francis Xavier

Mass Appealing Tagalog Movies

While indie movies have depth stories, mass appealing movies in the Philippines are opposite. When Hollywood films rule the box office in the Philippine cinema, the Philippine movie industry almost died and hopeless in producing movies with a total sense that could attract the public and could be similar to a Hollywood film. “Same plotlines” is only one of those impressions or comments when a Filipino asked what they could say about the movies showed in the Philippines.

But as time goes on, Filipinos remarkably found new ideas, strategies and formulas to catch the mass’ appeal and attention and to entertain them as well. We can say that putting a famous and highly demand actors in a movie is one of their techniques to earn the film’s popularity and will surely a box office hit.

Nowadays, romantic and family oriented films are the top favorites of Filipino movie-goers and proven as blockbusters and high-grossing films.

The following are proven as top-grossing blockbuster hits of Philippine movies in the present time:

• A very special love – more than P200M
• Sukob – P186.41M
• Ang Tanging Ina – P177.82

Award-winning Filipino movies of all time

Internationally acclaimed Tagalog movies during their respective eras are still gaining awards and acknowledgement internationally and one of these examples is the movie Himala which is named as “One of CNN Best Asian Films of All Time.




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