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Willie Revillames Fortune And Misfortune

Willie Revillames hailed in Yes Magazine as the ‘top most powerful man in showbiz’ by Yes Magazine in 2008 seems to perfectly exemplify the potent power of Willie Revillames fortune. Coming from a very humble beginning, he started as a drummer who got discovered by Randy Santiago at a high school play. From then on, offers seem to be endless luring Willie to become more inclined with show business.

Time after time, he became a popular TV host from different notable TV programs in the Philippine network. Then and there, alongside with the flair of being multitalented, he established countless of connections and to name a few were: Randy Santiago and John Estrada –three of them formed a triumvirate as hosts in a noontime show.

Starting from that noontime show, the triumvirate was noted for their comical chemistry thus earning an immense support from the ABS-CBN network. It does not end there for that was just the beginning of a colorful career for Willie Revillames.

With that, he continued his legacy as a very celebrated TV host. He graces one of the most popular or maybe the most popular noon time show here in the Philippines entitled Wowowee. Audiences and critics alike say that Wowowee is Willie and Willie is Wowowee. It is also revealed in a popular magazine that Willie Revillames earns one million peso per day. Imagine that!

However, with these bountiful blessings comes the inevitable dark side of having a public life. Up to now, he is still undergoing the disadvantages of being a celebrity after his suspension from his most recent show, Wowowee. Aside from that, he had also undergone so many destructive and lethal rumors about his annulments and affairs with other women.

The main reason for his suspension is that he made a comment about the insertion of a live TV broadcast on the transfer of the late President Cory Aquino’s remains from De La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral during the taping of his show, Wowowee. Aside from that, his program was also noted for the skimpy outfits of the dancers.

At this point, Willie is still in an indefinite leave from his program. Recently, it has been reported that he is about to buy a jet plane: with much emphasis to the thought that he has still his money despite his hiatus. He also promised to take Kris Aquino’s children Josh and James to Hong Kong aboard the aircraft.

Aside from this outrageous luxury, he also possesses a yacht and recently, he is currently building his very first real estate business called the Wil Theater Mall which will soon rise near ABS-CBN Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City, Philippines.

Willie Revillame is battle-hardened. Show business is such a nasty job. If he was not strong enough, he could have stopped ages ago yet he remained in the business for quite some time. Rumors are inevitable for a powerful man like him. It only shows that he is famous and thus capable of being the talk of the town. Maybe, just maybe, Willie Revillames fortunes are not really the countless money, endorsements, houses and cars but his underlying faith that: When the going gets tough, the tough do something about it.


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